Presenting with boldness, poise and confidence training for public speakers


Join Hedy for a two-day training to grow your confidence, self-assurance, and boldness to make the most powerful connection with your audience.

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Join Hedy on 15 to 16 August 2017 as she teaches you her guiding principles and use of self to transform your presentations. Convinced that anyone, with the right skills and attitude, can transform their lives and relationships, Hedy will revitalize your presentation skills, and empower you to inspire the groups of people you will be presenting to in the future.

With over 20 years of experience presenting workshops, trainings, lectures, and keynote speeches, Hedy Schleifer is a master at presentation skills, bringing deep insight and competence to each audience.  On April 26, 2010, Hedy was an influential lecturer at the TEDxTelAviv conference, and she continues to be sought out by businesses and professional groups throughout the world.

Who should attend? 

All people who feel called to present:
Workshop Presenters, Seminar Leaders, Public Speakers, Pastors, Rabbis, Managers, Lecturers, Teachers, Storytellers, and Motivational Inspirers

What people say: 

“Presentation Skills Training is a transformational encounter for both the presenter and the audience. Hedy masterfully weaves her magic by using every opportunity to teach, nurture growth, and bring to birth true essence for everyone in the room. The experience is unforgettable at a cellular level!”
Carol-Ann Dixon, Imago Africa Chairperson

“Thank you Hedy. What a pleasure it was to spend two days with you. I learned so much about how to be present in a room of people, how to connect, how to facilitate a group. Very powerful workshop.”
Craig Harwood, New York

“It was magical to see you and to be part of the powerful community you beautifully created and facilitated. You embody what “to be present and to connect” means. Thank you! I am grateful to walk away with re-affirmation that Presentation Skills are not about technical aspects which most of presentation training workshops focus on. You helped me to re-confirm that it’s about being in my body feeling my deepest human essences – the most powerful way to connect with the audience. It’s about one of your key points during the workshop – Filling the Room versus Opening the Room. You have taught me so much and helped me to re-engage and re-connect with myself. With your powerful teaching, I am also re-shaping and re-writing some parts of my book.  Thank you Hedy from the bottom of my heart! I look forward to seeing you in your next workshop.”
Soo Peer, Utah 

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Event Dates:

More information, questions, and registration:

Geoffrey Swetz
Phone: 305-604-0010

In South Africa:
Carol-Ann Dixon, Imago Africa
Phone: 08 2 463 1467

Accommodation Rates

We have received preferential corporate rates at the venue, Genesis All-Suite Hotel, 10 Sandler Road, Fairmount, Johannesburg, South Africa. Please contact the venue directly to book your accommodation.

Corporate Rates 2017

Room Type Room Only Bed & Breakfast
One Bedroom Suite R1238,00 R1463,00
Two Bedroom Suite R1613,00 R2063,00
Three Bedroom Suite R1725,00 R2288,00
Four Bedroom Suite R2363,00 R3150,00


Hedy & Yumi Schleifer offer a limited number of partial scholarships for each workshop and training.  Scholarships are for tuition only, and not for hotel or incidental expenses.

Click here to download the Scholarship Application Form.

Should you have any queries, please contact Carol Dixon on or +2782 463 1467.  For more information on Imago Africa, please visit our website

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