Hedy and Yumi Schleifer

Hedy and Yumi Schleifer have been married for over 50 years. Together, they brought Imago Relationship couples workshops, and clinical training in Imago to South Africa, and are now coming back after a number of years, to offer their own unique couples workshop – Adventure in Intimacy. Imago Africa is delighted to partner with these two international relationships specialists.

They already have a track record of the success of this program in Israel, Europe, the UK and the USA. “Adventure in Intimacy” invites couples to experience a depth of connection and intimacy in a unique way facilitated by Hedy’s masterful attunement.


Hedy Schleifer is a Licensed Mental Health Counsellor in Florida, licensed as a clinical psychologist in Israel, and the founder of the Tikkun Learning Center, an educational institution through which she trains, supervises, and consults therapists in Encounter-centered Couples Therapy.

Hedy also offers training in her Encounter-centred Couples Therapy for therapists and relationship specialists and she is described as a gifted teacher — “creative, sensitive, caring, and safe.  She brings laughter and passion to the adventure of learning.”

Trained in both the United States and Israel, Hedy is a Certified Imago Therapist, and for 12 years trained and certified numerous Imago Therapists and Workshop Presenters. She is a member of the Israel Association for Marital & Family Therapy; Florida Society for Psychotherapists; the Florida and National chapters of the Mental Health Counsellors Association, and also an affiliate member of the Florida and National chapters of the Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She is also a Featured Presenter for GoodTherapy.org.

Hedy has been in private practice since the 1970’s and is sought out by mental health professionals from all disciplines for supervision and consultation. Internationally known for her powerful and captivating workshops and lectures on a wide variety of topics, Hedy is in demand as a speaker who not only gives insightful information, but who also inspires, and empowers people to embrace their life and their work with joy and passion.

Yumi Schleifer is a Columbia University graduate and former aerospace engineer and successful businessman.  He has trained alongside Hedy in the Art of Constructive Relationships. Yumi has taught classes in Re-Evaluation Co-counselling and co-created a chapter of a foundation that promotes peace in the Middle East.  Yumi Schleifer’s solid, steady presence, humour, and leadership skills are everywhere apparent in the Adventure in Intimacy workshop.  Together, Hedy and Yumi are a powerful guiding force as leaders toward the creation of a culture of Relational Intelligence and Relational Maturity in couples and organizations.

In September 2008, a documentary film was released, entitled “Hedy and Yumi: Crossing the Bridge” which tells the story of their life, message and mission.  The film has already won “Best Documentary” award at a Hollywood Film Festival.  Hedy and Yumi work together as a couple and bring their expertise in relationships to couples all over the world. They teach relational skills which are based on new paradigms and that are effective not only in primary relationships, but in all interaction with others.

Source: http://www.hedyyumi.com/about-us/hedy-yumi/

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